Aesthetic Dentistry

What is aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry, is a specialty within dentistry that aims not only to improve the appearance of our teeth and gums but also to harmonize these improvements with the rest of our facial features. In short, it seeks clinical solutions to enhance our smile.

Before undergoing an aesthetic dentistry procedure, other oral health issues should have been addressed first. For example, if a patient has cavities, they should first undergo the necessary examination and treatment. Once their oral health is restored, they can begin the aesthetic dentistry treatment that is deemed appropriate.

There are various treatments available, and the needs of each patient are unique. Therefore, before starting any procedure, we first use Smile Design, which allows us to conduct a personalized assessment and identify aesthetic irregularities, enabling us to determine the appropriate treatment.

How can I tell if I need a conservative dentistry procedure?

The symptoms that something is not right with your teeth are similar to when you need endodontic treatment. If you have dental sensitivity to hot and cold foods, if you experience pain when chewing, it's better to come for a check-up as soon as possible to see what might be the issue.



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